Watermark Fabrication, LLC.

About Us

Celebrating over 12 years of experience in solid surface design and installation—handling a range of areas including healthcare, education, retail, and more—you could say that Watermark Fab has gotten used to it by now.

But we haven’t. The fact is, every single project is different. That’s why we stress words like innovativecreative, and original. That’s what your solutions need to be. And our team here at Watermark Fab has over a decade’s worth in the industry, so we know that every project is different. And if the projects are different, then our solutions are going to reflect that.

What is it we do, exactly? Here are a few ideas:

  • Solid Surface Solutions that optimize creativity and practicality.
  • Trench Drain Technology for a better-working space.
  • Compliance with rules like the Americans with Disabilities Act to keep your space up to date.

We create the low-maintenance, color-consistent, heat-resistant, quality solid surface solutions your space needs, and we’ve been doing it for quite a while.

Still not enough? Contact us to learn more about Watermark Fab and what we can do for you.


  • Non-porous and seamless
  • Heat Resistant to 365 degrees
  • Color consistency throughout the thickness
  • Stain, burn, and impact resistant
  • Scatches can removed
  • ADA compliant