Watermark Fabrication, LLC.

Experts in Education Solid Surfaces

There are few user experiences that matter more than those in education. The education experience is essential. Just as essential: the fact that your design needs should be supported by the solid surfaces to make each education space a comfortable, innovative, and productive environment.

In working with Watermark Fab for your education design needs, you’ll have access to our 12+ years of experience. That includes everything from vanities in comfortable bathrooms to the flooring and surfaces that make an educational environment possible. We’re happy to innovate side-by-side with your vision to develop the best sense of individuality possible.

Work with us and we’ll be happy to seize the initiative. We’ll let you know all about what’s worked in our education products in the past—all while recommending the ideal solutions for your specific needs. We understand that even in education, no two rooms are quite alike. Watermark Fab will take that same approach by stressing the individuality of each space and originality required from our end.

Education Products

Which education products will best suit your design and architectural needs? Here are some of the most common solutions:

  • Vanities: Restrooms should be refreshing and functional enough to support the educational environment. Our vanities are ADA-compliant and adaptable to your needs. We can also construct vanities to ensure the greatest possible function for the most amount of people, which in turn expands the capacity of the education space of your design.
  • Partitions: Partitions—in particular, toilet partitions—are essential both for privacy and creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere. We can custom mold a wide range of shapes and sizes to meet the needs of your space. Partitions can be a major creative innovation for making the most of an educational budget as well—especially by using the right materials from the outset. We’ll make sure you have them.
  • Recessed Shelves: The education space is just about innovation as it is practical solutions like storage. We’ll make sure you have the recessed shelving you need to maximize the efficiency of each room without losing touch of the practical needs the space will carry.

Our offerings don’t end there. Contact Us to discuss the education solutions you need to make your vision become a reality.