Watermark Fabrication, LLC.

Restaurants & Bars: Expertise Where Creativity Meets Effective Design

There are two essential elements in restaurants that need to be satisfied. First, a restaurant needs to create a relaxing atmosphere. Second, a restaurant needs to serve the needs of its employees and patrons. This is not an “and/or” question. When it comes to the vision you have for a restaurant or a bar, you need both, even down to solid surfaces.

At Watermark Fab, we make sure you have both by incorporating original, creative designs that serve practical purposes well. That means a fully customizable relationship with our team. Do you have specific lighting needs with your solid surfaces? How do you want the kitchen to run? How will the main room look? All of these questions factor in, which is why we love no stones unturned in the pursuit of innovation in design.

But it’s about more than a tailored approach. We want to get to know your specific needs so we can diagnose the specific solid surface products that will comprise your solution. That means we’ll avoid the one-size-fits-all approach in favor of an active, dynamic role in making your vision come to life. Tell us what you need, and we’ll find the solid surface products that make the most sense.

Restaurant & Bar Products

Which products will comprise your solution? We can’t predict exactly what you’ll need without first getting a glimpse of your creative vision. But we can tell you that common products—like bars, counters, kitchen accessories, and more—will be essential to making your space work.

In our 12+ years of experience, we’ve gotten a sense for how to deliver original work that fits within your vision for the space. That means emphasizing more than just the products—we also emphasize how and why the products we provide will suit your space. It’s a step above simply providing you with commercial grade materials. It’s about providing you with the quality materials your restaurant or bar will need with the innovative services to bring it all together.

All the while, we’ll focus on the flexible, practical solutions that ensure you can meet the demands of your creative vision without losing control of the budget. That’s where innovation meets creativity—and it’s where Watermark Fab excels.

Contact Us if you want to know more about how Watermark Fab can meet the needs of your next restaurant, bar, and beyond.

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