Watermark Fabrication, LLC.

At Watermark Fabrication, we strive to provide the finest materials for each job, matching the best features to your specific needs. Here are some of the advantages we include with the materials we use for your projects:

Solid Surface Materials

Technically speaking, “Solid Surface” is a cast polymer compound of acrylic and polyester components–filled with aluminum trihydrate. What does this mean for you? Simple: it lives up to its name. It’s completely non-porous, which promotes durability and consistency.

The features of Solid Surface include:

  • Non-porous, seamless construction
  • Heat resistances–up to 365 degrees
  • Color consistency throughout the thickness of the material
  • Easily removed scratches
  • ADA compliance
  • Can contribute to LEED points

With no seams or joints to grout, Solid Surface is also practically maintenance free, making it a true “hands-off” material once it’s been installed. And because the surface is non-porous, it will inhibit the growth of bacteria, helping keep it stay clean for longer.


The primary ingredient here? Ground quartz, which is then combined with polyester resins to bind it. With the addition of metallic flecks completes the appearance. Because of the added resin, the material will be resistant to both stains and scratches–not to mention nonporous, which means you never have to have it sealed.

Here are the advantages of working with Quartz surfaces:

  • Non-porous, seamless material
  • Natural stone surfaces are scratch resistant
  • Requires no sealing or polishing to protect the surface
  • Hard minerals provide durability and performance supplied by nature
  • Plenty of color options available–without ever abandoning the natural look of minerals
  • Can contribute to LEED points
  • Additional color diversity and design options when compared to Solid Surface.


  • Granite is extremely dense and durable, but is a natural stone making it a porous material.
  • Granite can be re-finished and, in case of chipping or breaking, can be repaired with color epoxies that can take a polish
  • One-of-a-kind natural variation for a unique look
  • Multiple colors and natural stone patterns

If you want the best materials in your space, contact Watermark Fabrication today.

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