Watermark Fabrication, LLC.

Solid Surface Table Tops

By definition, table tops have to do a little bit of everything–which is why you need the solid surface capable of serving a broad range of needs. At Watermark Fabrication, we ensure that each of our solid surface table tops are:

  • Nonporous means our solid surface live up to their names, giving you the smooth and consistent surfacing for a variety of needs.
  • Repairable material makes it easy to remove scratches and scuff marks and maintain a like-new appearance.
  • Stain Resistance doesn’t just help prevent stains, but the usual wear of daily life.
  • High end quality means more than just durability and strength–it means the appearance is just as on-point.

The result of all this quality and craftsmanship? Versatility. Our Watermark Solid Surface Table Tops are ideal for restaurants–including food courts–and cafeterias, healthcare, education, retail, lobbies, and commercial projects where long-lasting material is even more important.

What you’ll really enjoy is the customization possible here. We can work with solid surface–including any color, from any manufacturer–as well as quartz. Quartz includes any color required from any manufacturer as well.